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Conversational Leadership
A model for creating growth mindsets and cultures

Conversational Leadership is a leadership model I developed over my 30 years of leading teams in the corporate environment. I noticed that as my conversational skills got better, the teams I led became more self-sufficient, turnover was reduced, customers were more satisfied...and we grew our customer base. And profitability followed.  


I define Conversational Leadership as, "The leader’s intentional use of conversation as a core process to create a growth mindset within themselves, inspire and guide others to do so, and cultivate the collective intelligence required to create workability in relationships that in turn creates value in their personal life, organizations, and communities."

These collective growth mindsets naturally form the foundation for Growth Cultures. Growth Cultures are deliberately created cultures where people, as a result of creating a growth mindset, build their capacity to see through blind spots (biases and behaviors we don’t recognize in ourselves). Vulnerability, acknowledging insecurities and shortcomings, and seeking support are encouraged and honored in growth cultures. The result is that possibilities for the growth of your business are realized since much less energy is spent on resolving turf wars, defending personal value, conflict management, and office politics. It's a win-win...employees grow in ways that also serve them outside the workplace, and your business grows as a result. 

I can work directly with you and your teams to create Growth Cultures.  


I have always believed in coaching the whole person, and I am excited to add Deep Health Coaching to the services I offer businesses. If you're looking for a way to create value for your employees, which in turn creates value for you and your business, contact me here.

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