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Reinvention, Not Resolutions

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

‘Tis the SEASON…for New Year’s Resolutions, that is.

And by February, 8 out 10 will have failed.

Overall, 9 out of 10 won’t make it, and most will put off trying again until the spring when it's warmer, then summer when it's light longer, then their birthday, then New Year's...again.

And that process can repeat itself…over and over and over until, eventually, we are defeated or out of time.

Last year, I designed and presented a 2-hour seminar called “Reinvention, Not Resolutions”.The theme was, “How Can I Reinvent Myself as Someone Who Honors My Word to Myself”. It was well-received, inspirational, and packed with good information and insights.

This year, I am doing something different. Same theme...different approach and a deeper dive into HOW to create routines and systems that support us in our life, work, and relationships. The goal is to flip the switch and go once we decide we want to make a change. No need for a resolution...we do it NOW.

On Dec. 17th, I will launch a 46-day (yes, 46) program designed to enable you to be 1 of the "1 in 10" that brings your resolutions to reality.


The first 15 days will be about preparing for day 1. We’ll get into:

  • Why resolutions fail.

  • Goal Setting and the value of creating systems of routines and building the habit of staying with them.

  • The paradoxical relationship between discipline and freedom.

  • What Deep Health is and how it can be foundational to your success...whatever your resolution is.

  • Identifying 1 thing you can START DOING NOW to create momentum and 1 thing you can STOP DOING NOW to clear space for your new commitments.

  • How what you’re really preparing for is to build your Hope muscle. 

  • Self-sabotage...what it is, why you do it, and what you can do about it.


The next 31 days will be about staying in your process until February…make it 31 days and you’re chances of success skyrocket. Here we discuss:

  • How your biology is working against you…you’re not “wired” for growth in the modern world.

  • How Big Food, Big Sugar, and Big Tech are working against be healthy in today's world requires a rebellion against them.  

  • Why focus is the new superpower and how to get it back.

  • How to forge Antifragile confidence…learning and growing from the inevitable setbacks and failures.

  • The transformative power of harnessing your internal conversation…using language as the paintbrush of your reality.

  • Self-Forgiveness and Reframing Regret as a tool for getting your past out of your present and future.

  • How Honoring Your Word is the real source of personal power and the biggest game you’ll ever play. 

I hope you'll join me. You can follow along on Facebook, LinkedIn, X, or subscribe above.

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Dec 16, 2023

I attended your first presentation. I’m looking forward to a deep dive on this!

Gary Lougher
Gary Lougher
Dec 17, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for all your support!🐿️


Dec 14, 2023

Very intrigued- following!!

Gary Lougher
Gary Lougher
Dec 14, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! I hope you find it useful.

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