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Understand the Power of Your Mind and Why You Achieve What You Believe

  • How Your Mind Shapes Your World…and What You Can Do to Shape Your Mind

  • Power of Possibility – Why You Achieve What You Believe (The Good & the Bad)

  • Building Neural Pathways – How to Create Your Path to Success

  • The Secret Radar in Your Brain – How to Use Your RAS to Achieve Your Goals

  • Power Shifting – How to Choose Your Power Even When Things Don’t Go Your Way

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How to Think for Yourself, Make Good Decisions, and Stand Up to Peer Pressure


  • The Power of Self-responsibility – How to Be “The Boss of Me”

  • Choosing Integrity – What You Do When No One is Looking

  • Make Your Mark with Respect – Understanding Your Impact on Others

  • Make Your Mark with Self-respect – Understanding Your Impact on You

  • How to Make Good Decisions – Choosing What You Want for You

  • Standing Up to Peer Pressure – How to Say “Yes” to You and “No” to Peer Pressure

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How to Develop Soaring Self-esteem and Powerful Self-confidence


  • I Love Me! How to Develop Soaring Self-esteem

  • I Honor Me! How to Be Yourself and Honor Your Uniqueness

  • I Believe in Me! How to Develop Unstoppable Self-confidence

  • Self-talk – Mastering the Secret Behind Self-esteem and Self-confidence

  • Self-coaching – How to Conquer the Day-to-day Ups & Downs & Create Daily Mastery

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Create Your Vision, Achieve Your Goals, & Manifest Your Dreams!


  • Creating Your Vision – What do You Want?

  • Goal Setting – How to Turn Your Vision into Action!

  • Law of Attraction – Using Attraction and Action to Manifest Your Goals

  • Visualization – How Winning in Your Mind Creates Winning in Life!

  • Affirmations – How to Program Your Mind to Reach Your Goals

  • Gratitude – How an Attitude of Gratitude Prepares You for Your Dreams

SlayingDragons Text.png

Learn to Bust Through Fear, Mistakes, Failure, and Change


  • Overcoming Mistakes – How to Learn from Mistakes and Let them Go

  • Managing Fear – How to Create Courage and Bust Outside of Your Comfort Zone

  • Moving Past Failure – How to “Put it in a Box” and Keep on Goin’

  • Managing Change – How to Embrace Change and Thrive

  • Conditional thinking – How “if…then” Keeps You from Happiness

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