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Heroic Kids Coaching

"Heroic Kids is an idea whose time has come - we need creative and innovative solutions to support our children more than ever before, and Heroic Kids provides the support that children and families need in an exciting, safe, creative way that connects with children's inner wisdom." - Nikki Giant, founder of The Spark

The Heroic Kids Coaching program is built around a unique, story-based curriculum designed to empower children to be the HERO of their own story. I work with your child to develop the mindset skills needed for happiness, peace of mind, confidence, and success. Through engaging stories and practical activities, children develop critical life skills such as confidence, decision-making, conversation, leadership, and goal setting/achieving. Ultimately, the child develops an internal compass to navigate life's challenges, recognize their potential and courageously live into it with antifragile confidence.  


Heroic Kids Coaching is a story-based mindset coaching program that teaches specific life skills. View the list here.


Through combinations of these stories, I coach your child through Heroic Journeys. You can View these Heroic Journey coaching packages here.


I also offer small group coaching, workshops and can customize a package especially designed to help your child deal with specific challenges. For a no charge discovery call, contact me here  or at my contact info below.   

Coaching sessions are via Zoom or in-person for local clients.

                                         Heroic Kids Brochure

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