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Reinvention, Not Resolutions, Day 11: Noticing in The New Year - a Guest Post by Will Keiper

In today's post, I'm thrilled to share a piece titled "Noticing in the New Year," penned by none other than Will Keiper. For over a decade, Will has been a guiding force in my journey, playing the role of my coach. Our collaboration has been nothing short of transformative, sparking numerous profound changes in my life. 

 Moreover, Will's literary contributions, namely "Life Expectancy: It's Never Too Late to Change Your Game" and "The POWER of URGENCY: Playing to Win with PROACTIVE Urgency," have been instrumental in shaping my philosophy that age is no barrier to reinvention, and the best time to start is now. 

Currently, Will is working on his latest endeavor, "Noticing: You Are Not Your Thoughts, Emotions, or Stories." I am confident this upcoming work will reveal new ways of thinking about how we can experience life more fully through noticing the timeless NOW.   

Noticing in the New Year


by Will Keiper - The Noticing Guide


Many of us—year after year—create New Year resolutions as a year-ending/starting exercise. We make lists as to what we aspire to be different and better in our lives as we transition to yet another, “next year.”

But, as my good friend and master deep health coach, Gary Lougher, points out, “Eight out of ten (even well-intentioned) New Year Resolutioners will have failed by February 8th of the new year, and ultimately, ninety percent do.” He addressed the question of, “How can we get better results?” by creating a program to put you into the ten percent who succeed at keeping their word (at least to themselves). He says, “The goal is to flip the switch and just go … no need for a resolution... we do it starting now.

The first step is to notice that year-after-year you are getting the same poor results by using the same approach you always have. When you notice this fact, you open yourself to being able to do something about it. The corollary is, if we choose to not notice (or simply ease into neglecting the care and feeding of our resolutions day-by-day) we cannot turn the page on “what we’ve always done.”


One of my favorite expressions is, “To do things differently, you have to see things differently.” My suggestion is to resolve to simply, “Notice more and better in the New Year.” Even subtly raising our awareness of a specific sensation, object, thought, or feeling requires seeing it as part of the whole experience in the moment (the bigger picture). This process involves noticing with no expectation of a specific outcome and thankfully, is effortless.


Practicing noticing something—even quite ordinary—will enable greater conscious awareness in the context of your state of mind, physical status, location, experience, practices, beliefs, and other personal and environmental factors.


Noticing is the gateway to greater awareness and is accessible and effortless. What better recipe for creating the delicious aroma of freshly-baking New Year resolutions almost ready to be savored.

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