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Reinvention, Not Resolutions, Day 13: Summary and Preview of What's to Come

We are at the end of the preparation phase. For those who may find a quick summary helpful, see below. These steps are foundational and hopefully they have provided you with some insights into how to be better prepared to tackle your resolutions.

  1. Understanding Resolution Failures: Delve into why your New Year's resolutions have failed in the past, considering factors like procrastination, underestimating future motivation and ignoring deeper issues. To combat this, start with small, manageable steps and prioritize immediate action to build momentum and success. (Day1)

  2. Setting SMART Goals: Focus on creating goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This approach fosters hope and ensures progress is trackable, and goals are attainable, leading to a sense of accomplishment.(Day 2)

  3. Process Goals for Discipline: Differentiate between outcome and process goals. Embrace process goals and be disciplined around them This is a crucial step towards achieving freedom in personal and professional life. (Day 3)

  4. Effective Help-Seeking Strategies: Understand the importance of asking for help and how it reflects humility and commitment. Be clear and specific in your requests to ensure you receive the support that aligns with your objectives. (Day 4)

  5. Addressing Saboteurs: Identify both internal and external obstacles to your progress. Develop a plan to navigate these challenges, understanding their origins and impacts on your goals. (Days 5 and 6)

  6. Challenging Societal and Self-Imposed Labels: Break free from societal and self-imposed constraints to discover one's true potential. This step involves taking ownership of actions and embracing the transformative power of personal growth. (Day 8)

  7. Power of Noticing: focus on the practice of noticing as a means to enhance New Year resolutions by raising awareness in our daily lives. Try to see and do things differently, thus enhancing the experience of life.(Day 11)

  8. Constructive Use of Regret: Learn to use regret as a tool for learning rather than a source of perpetual guilt. Acknowledge past mistakes, analyze them, and use these insights to inform future decisions. (Day 10)

  9. The Power of Self-Forgiveness: Embrace self-forgiveness as a crucial aspect of personal growth. Recognize your human fallibility and balance accountability with compassion to move forward. (Day 12)

We'll resume our journey on Jan 1, 2024. We'll dig into the following, exploring how they hold you back from hitting goals and what you can do about it.

  • How your biology is working against you…you’re not “wired” for growth in the modern world.

  • Why Sleep is the Foundation of Well-Being

  • What Deep Health is and how it can be foundational to your success...whatever your resolution is.

  • How Big Food and Big Tech are working against be healthy in today's world requires a rebellion against them.  

  • Why focus is the new superpower and how to get it back.

  • How to forge Antifragile confidence…learning and growing from the inevitable setbacks and failures.

  • The transformative power of harnessing your internal conversation…using language as the paintbrush of your reality.

Have a Wonderful Weekend and a Happy New Year!

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