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I am currently offering 2 coaching packages. 

Sleep Stress and Recovery Coaching is designed to help you lay the foundation for Deep Health. In this program, we cover: 


  • The Science of Why Sleep, Stress, and Recovery Are Foundational to Deep Health

  • How To Improve Metabolic Health and Energy

  • The Role Of Good Stress in Overall Health

  • Garnering Support from Friends and Family (even your kids!)

  • Strategies for Managing Stress and Regulating The Nervous System

  • Creating A Personalized, Workable System That Serves You Now…and For Life!       

      Price: $995 - Includes (7) 50-minute sessions, e-mail access, assessments, and a fully         customized, workable system:    

Download PDF

Deep Health & Navigating Your 2nd Ascent covers the above plus: 


                                                                         Download PDF

Optional, but for best results, use a wearable fitness tracker that measures sleep, HR, HRV, and stress. I recommend the Oura Ring

                                                     The Coaching Experience

Deep Health is not merely a destination but a daily journey; our consistent actions weave the tapestry of lifelong well-being and clarity. The Deep Health Model exists only as a theoretical framework until we actively build behaviors that bring it into the realm of possibility. My role is to guide you in transitioning from understanding the concept to realizing tangible results. Together, we identify and implement these essential behaviors and create a system that transforms these actions into lasting habits. By monitoring outcomes and refining our approach, we ensure progress. You'll likely experience setbacks through this process, and our work together will leave you antifragile...learning and growing from these setbacks. 


The ideal outcome of your coaching experience is that you can trust yourself to work your

do what you said you would do and discover the power of being in integrity with yourself.

My coaching combines modern science, ancient wisdom, conversational leadership, and personal experience to deliver a unique and powerful coaching relationship. 

Furthermore, we delve into the transformative power of conversation...the ones you have with others and the ones you have with yourself. I listen for language of victimhood, judgments, and hidden assumptions lived as if they were true embedded in the story you tell. And I will teach you how to flip the script in your head to a more compassionate, forgiving, and empowering mindset that enables you to see yourself in a whole new light.    

I am genuinely confident that collaborating with me can usher in transformative changes in your life. Personal growth is often accompanied by discomfort. Discovering, confronting, and overcoming the often self-imposed obstacles can be deeply challenging and unsettling. Over time, as I realized it was the only way to create new possibilities for my life, I learned to embrace the discomfort. My commitment is to help you do the same, and I promise each client a space where vulnerability is valued and ensure our conversations remain within the boundaries you set. My guiding light is your well-being, always approached with empathy and kindness.

I work in person with people local to Harrisburg, PA, or via Zoom.  

   The best way to know what it would be like to work together is to have a conversation.

Get the conversation started here

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